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The Correct Loft: Will it Add Distance?
One of the quickest ways to increase a golfer’s distance from the tee with their Driver is to increase the loft on the club. In fact, we can probably add 10 – 20 yards of distance for golfers with swing speeds of 95 mph and lower, which covers the vast majority of golf club members.

The new technology of the golf ball (lower spin rates and more energetic cores) means that we are looking for longer ‘hang-time’. We need to launch the golf ball higher than we did before and then let the aerodynamics ‘carry’ the ball further down the fairway before falling to ground.

Even the leading golf professionals have realized that they are better off teeing the golf ball up higher, using more loft and making sure they hit the ball on the upswing. At the recent PGA Memorial Tournament over 75% of the field were using Drivers with 10° of loft or more; and those are golfers with the fastest swing speeds.

Golf Digest recently completed a comprehensive study and proved that golfers with an average swing speed of 85 – 90 mph would be better off using a Driver with 12 or 13° of loft AND teeing the golf ball up higher than they currently do.

The table below is a guide that was produced as a result of extensive tests.

But please remember that it is launch angle that we are really interested in. Two golfers with identical swing speeds using exactly the same Driver will in all likelihood generate different launch angles. Besides the variable of how they tee the golf ball up and how they position the golf ball in their stance, there is their angle of attack on the golf ball. A golfer that delivers the golf club head to the golf ball on the upswing will create a higher launch angle than the golfer that delivers the club head to the golf ball at the bottom (ie flat) of the swing path.

To get the best out of your Driver purchase we need to assess your swing speed AND your angle of attack. We can then show you how to get the best out of your current Driver or ensure that you are purchasing a new club with the right loft to get the ball further down the fairway.

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